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Foudia is a constructor of well-planned small-scale housing complexes built in the central areas of the capital region. The room sizes and floor plans cater to modern lifestyle, and the building material is wood which makes the buildings a beautiful and natural part of the Finnish landscape. At Foudia, we carefully listen to our customers’ wishes and use high-quality materials in every step of the building process. A home by Foudia evolves with your needs and provides great living for all stages of your life.



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About Foudia

Foudia specializes in building pragmatic high-quality homes. The units/houses are built on easily accessible and zoned building lots that are suitable for constructing small-scale residential buildings and that allow us to meet our customers’ needs. We specialize in constructing small-scale residential buildings comprising 4–15 individual units in the Helsinki region especially in areas that are suitable for additional development.

In our construction projects, we concentrate on finding and acquiring building lots, organizing the financing of projects and finally on marketing and selling the homes. The construction work is carried out by our trusted co-operation partners as turnkey contracts (KVR contracts). All Foudia homes are RS construction-classified which means that the buyers and the housing companies are protected by the Finnish Housing Transactions Act.

Foudia is a Finnish company founded in 2006, and it started off as a real estate company. The present business activities opened in 2017. Currently the company employs 12 professionals, and the target turnover for 2019 is 40 million euro.

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